We offer a wide range of high-quality projects with an effective return of funds strategy.


We are a skilled and experienced team that has the expertise to guide you at every step of the EB-5 process. From structuring investments that minimize investor risk to filing successful investor petitions with the USCIS, monitoring job creation to ensure that the conditions can be removed to arranging the final step – redeeming our investors’ investment funds. We understand that the most important case is your case and we treat every case as if it were our own.

Our projects are structured carefully so that EB-5 investors have more security of investment than they do in most other EB-5 offerings. This is done through rigorously selecting projects which are likely to be profitable, working hard to find cost-effective financing, taking advantage of all available government incentives, and placing EB-5 investors in positions above other equity-holders to guarantee that their investments will be redeemed as soon as the funds are available to do so.

Due to EB-5 regulations, investments must remain “at-risk” through the time an investor files an I-829 petition. We offer projects with the intention of redeeming roughly half of the EB-5 investment shortly after I-829 filing and the balance within two years of that time. Our expected redemptions are anywhere between one and three years faster than other EB-5 groups, and we are very proud of our track record of redeeming investors promptly.


  • Founded in 2007 as American Investor Immigration Funds

  • Over 800 EB-5 investors have chosen AII Funds

  • Has done more than 35 projects since 2007

  • Completed more than 1.5 billion dollars in EB-5 supported projects

  • Manage two USCIS-designated EB-5 regional centers (Mississippi Development Regional Center and Southeast Foreign Investment Center)


  • Founded in 1989 in Canada and expanded to several countries since

  • More than 40,000 individuals of numerous origins have been able to establish permanent residency in Canada and the United States by entrusting their applications with Mercan Capital

  • Mercan Capital is one of the largest and most successful immigration-consulting firms in Canada, with more than 25 years experience in Canadian investor programs

  • Mercan Group of Companies currently employs over 120 employees

  • Mercan Capital has experience with investor projects not only in North America but also in Europe, with the Portugal Golden Visa


EB-5 is currently the fastest way for high net worth individuals to obtain a U.S. Green Card for their family (spouse and unmarried children below the age of 21).

Also, all investment projects are overseen by a group of highly experienced professionals who will take care of job creation and overall operation. Therefore, the applicant doesn’t need to actively participate in the management of the business or to prove previous experience as a manager.

Due to our wealth of experience and network, we have a thorough understanding of business immigration programs around the world and are confident we can provide all our clients with unparalleled immigration services.
Our projects are different from most other EB-5 investments available today. Most notably, our partnerships generally take an equity stake in the businesses in which they invest, allowing the EB-5 group to maintain a measure of control over project success and job creation. We also structure our projects to minimize the risk of loss of principal to EB-5 investors.

Created in 1990 to stimulate the American economy, the EB-5 program is currently the fastest way for high net worth individuals to obtain Permanent Residency in the United States. To qualify for the Green Card, an EB-5 investor must invest US$550,000 in an eligible business that will create 10 jobs. Spouse and unmarried children below the age of 21 can also be included in the EB-5 application and be granted Green Cards.
In partnership with Mercan Capital, AII Funds offers great opportunities for investors that want to reap the benefits of living in America while investing in a successful business. There is no need to actively participate in the management of the business. All investment projects are overseen by a group of highly experienced professionals who will take care of job creation and overall operation.

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We have contacts in every other industry relevant to EB-5 and work with banks ranging from some of the largest in the world to modest local ones. We also have a developed network of professionals spanning every industry relevant to EB-5 developments, from real estate developers, commercial lending banks, and bond underwriters at the outset of the process to architects, construction companies, project managers, and facility management companies upon completion.



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